Ana (Born on February 28, 2006)

We are all human, want to live and be loved. We are all so different, and yet the same; with the similarity being that we live and love, while the difference lies in the magnitude of the choice of living.

Well, Ana is no different- a 14 year old sophomore with fancies of her own, that she cherishes and hopes to live someday. Your dreams- never give up on them, for they breathe air into the void of life; they live and laugh, break and fly.
To her, life is all about ‘Kiss and cry’ and ‘Slay it Subtle’.

She appreciates subtle humour, poetry, sincere abstract art and adores Jane Austen. Oration and debating bien sûr are her passions, and she constantly pursues them as amateur interests.

© achillesheelpoetry, 2020


13 thoughts on “Moi

  1. Life so well understood……. Beautiful use of words and expressions….. Keep it up Anna. LOVED the poem

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  2. Ana.. u r surely an inspiration to many, keep writing n spreading the mesmerizing poetry ,it’s truly an amazing one to read…God bless you sweetheart

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