Renaissance: Haute Couture

Haute couture- the gaudy gowns, pomp and show,
laughing down, elegant dames manoeuvre down,
poignant steps- it’s all around.

Many a man has lived and loved;
many a man with a broken heart;
many a man dies in hope,
the hope of someday making his mark.
a modest composure, an eternal light,
a heart of gold that makes you smile.

No, it’s not the exaggerated sophistication;
nor the narcissistic appreciation.
The poised damsels?
No, not so much.
Kindness in a bunch.
Undermine the immodesty,
humility in the air.

Haute couture is all about the people who genuinely care.
So you and me- a renaissance we lead.
to flatter the gentlemen’s flare-
a little below, a little better
it is all about how much you care.

In thy eyes- seek to see majesticity, behold all that is haute.
While a smile is the couture in glee
the flashing fans and flannels- put them all aside.
Embrace well- all of you,
this renaissance of what lies inside.

The spark we know and identify,
while the blatant façades all lie.

The placid air that touches my face;
while madame is all caught up with grace.
See the light deep within,
step aside out of the race.
Take a while and breathe,
breathe in this blanche menace; 
while you appreciate eternal grace…

© achillesheelpoetry, 2020

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