Daddy said to me,

When I was a little girl, my Daddy said to me,

“Look up their darling, up in the sky, the stars- one for you and one for me. Wish upon a shooting star.”           
And I did so in glee.    

Waited and waited and waited…
A girl in hope- eagerly.                       
God had a good laugh, as he looked upon me.          
While putting on a pair of heels today-
Oh! I was so wronged.                              
I thought again of how I had waited this long!!

Remembering the little girl who was asked to wait patiently,                            
I left on Daddy’s bedpost a note, which said-               
“Off I go, to make my own destiny; seize the stars, and then I’ll be home at last
~Miles to go before I sleep~              
Daddy, it is your little girl believing in herself and her pretty fancies.              
P.S. I am the shooting star.”

Gnothi Seauton
(Know Thyself)

© achillesheelpoetry, 2020


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