Happy Birthday Princess!!

For as long as I can remember, Mamma and Daddy always told us of how we are the two most important people in the world to them; and as for each other we are all we’ll ever truly have.

You and I, Aryan, have tread the path of roses and thorns, daisies and sunshine, rainbows and ditches, despair, hysteria and love for ten and three. All these years, you have been amazingly beautiful, annoyingly gross and fantabulously you. And Oh! I thank God for that.

I know that I seldom tell you how much you mean to me, and how much I’ve come to adore you all these years.
You are simply the best Princess- B!tch-Girlfriend I could have ever asked for.

So as you turn 13 today, my only wish for you is happiness, all the happiness this world has to offer.
Stay the same, adorable little brat I adore.

Looking back, I cannot even imagine how surprisingly lame and tedious my life would’ve been, sans all my memories with you; of how monotonous and trivial the pursuit of happiness would’ve been; and of how I would still be oblivious to the lives of the Kardashians and Hadids!!
Well, for that I thank you kid-
For being a magical remedy to all the boredom in the world.

We have had our share of myriad hues, and as the adventure continues; I have, but a little piece of advice, as 19 months your elder;)

“Be Bad to the bone, no need to hone.
Kick some ass and have a blast!!”

To many more years of you outshining Ronaldo, to a gazillion more V- bucks and an eternity more of your precious, priceless smiles and hysterics.
To the finest young boy I know🥂

There is so much to say, but ironically, I render myself helpless while trying to articulate.
In a nutshell, I love ya dork and Carpe Diem kid.
Carpe Diem and Gnothi Seauton (Heck!! Duh! You already slay)

P.S. Also, a little confession-
I know how much you hate it when I kiss you, and that is pretty much why I do it all the time.


Picture elucidation:
10 years later, always got your back, Shishimaru.
Acing the Churchill pose!

‘gram-ie dreams that shine so bright

© achillesheelpoetry, 2020

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