Beauty in Terror: Good Girls don’t disappoint

Miriam Brooks and Beatrix Kuroki: Strange Signals

This was precisely when Mamma paused for a moment and kissed me goodnight. How bizarre of her to leave the story at this point; but being the obstinate little girl, all of seven, I was back then, I insisted on her finishing it.

Nevertheless, she said “Goodnight Rochelle” in a rather firm fashion, switched the light off and shut the door behind her as she went out of my room.

As Emma (my beagle) came and snuggled up close to me, I wondered what adventure Miriam and Bea were to embark upon this time- sewage ghouls, unicorn witches or maybe Bluetooth- Vamp revolutions! And then I did what I always do best- I lay in my bed, closed my eyes and started imaging things- fairies, monsters, witches and unicorns- haphazard beauty in terror.

But ironically, this time I found myself in a hospital, all the way back in 2006 (my birth year). I saw the newborn 3 hour old me in my beautiful mother, Beatrix’s arms and beside her was her sister, Miriam, her favourite person in the whole wide world- who unfortunately had died in an accident in 2008. Everybody was smiling in the most appealing and organic way. It made my heart heavy and yet filled it with joy- reminiscences of days bygone…

The next moment, I found myself in a sewer, only to behold filth and be subjugated to the pungent smell of sewage. In its middle I saw an object that was too shiny to go unnoticed, perhaps a golden locket, or atleast it looked exactly like one. I slowly reached for it, although highly bothered by my own hygienic concerns, I grasped its side anyway; and noticed that there was something written on it in extremely small letters-

With the squinting of the eye, I strained to read the words it said,

“Good girls don…”

As I managed to fathom the words, I was pushed back by a strange force.

In a jiffy, I saw a flash of Aunt Miriam’s accident. A monstrous terror seized my heart. I was so perplexed and just wanted this terrible dream to end. I was apprehensive, sad and restless. My heart began palpitating.

I woke up in my bed to find beads of cold sweat running down by temple. I rushed to the wall mirror, looked myself in the eye and in that one moment I knew what most had known on many days,

“Good Girls don’t disappoint.”

This was when I was little, but now I know for sure…

© achillesheelpoetry, 2020


This was my first ‘official’ attempt at story writing. I was nominated by ‘the-tsar-unanswerable’ on Tumblr as a part of a secret round robin writing challenge.
Request all of you to read, review and let me know how you found it to be. Criticism is welcome; and appreciation, well, gladly welcome.

P.S. Anybody and everybody is welcome to participate; you may check the whole content and rules here:

Miriam Brooks and Beatrix Kuroki: Strange Signals

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