…Back in the olden times, when merchants and mercenaries reigned –
They held in their hands, the reins of naval trade...

There lived a King in ancient Greece,
Aphrodyphus was his name.

He was named after the Goddess of Beauty, except he was one that could not be tamed.

For so vain and beautiful was he-

Although beauty he might possess, his eyes shew contempt;
His soul cold and ugly, in revelation did he let.

All those that inhabited the mighty land –
they praised him so,
for they fancied it beauty that they behold.

Basking in the gleaming glory of his twenty and five, he vowed to all his wives.

But all his marriages were broke!

Alas, the beauty that the eyes sought did not shine inside;
inspite of all the vanity that made Aphrodyphus blind.

Beauty is as beauty does.

© achillesheelpoetry, 2021


The allusion to Aphrodite (the Greek Goddess of Beauty) is not intended to demean or offend any particular person or system of beliefs.
The reader must understand that the purpose of this post is purely ‘poetry’ and nothing else. Therefore, you are requested to read/interpret the poem impartially and sans any prejudice.


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