Time Heals All Scars

Every single day,
lives, hopes, dreams- marred and charred.
And I cling on to my only hope-
Time heals all scars.

The needles of the clock shall stitch and mend,
not let anything in or out ever again.
Or maybe they’ll always leave a tad gaping hole.
Because you know as well as I do-
Your past and sorrow is your own.
It ought to be dealt with, to save your soul.

Perhaps if you tuck it in, deep enough,
you’ll forget, reset and stop being upset.
This horror will be just another murky silhouette.

But silhouettes always haunt.
As your worst nightmare, they shall forever daunt…

Time heals all scars they say,
But not if you keep this remedy at bay.

You can only run so far,
You can only gasp so loud,
You can only forget so much.

But your scars,
your scars,
they will demand to be touched.

Time heals all scars,
but it can only do so much from afar.
For the next time,
to your favourite tune, someone strums a guitar,
Or you wish upon shooting stars,
It’ll be the same old castle in the air-
Time heals all scars.

© achillesheelpoetry, 2022

3 thoughts on “Time Heals All Scars

    1. Thank you very much, Nonso! Always grateful for your appreciation and feedback. 🤗

      I wrote it for school in early December as part of a case study on Grief.

      Liked by 1 person

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