Palaces Brown & Disgraced Crowns

To know, hear, see,
and breathe life in grey.

To look blues in the eye and
make them fade away.

To make the purple bow;
and in a world of illusions, make blacks show.

To violate the glowy white,
and hold pink in spite.

The world of colours all distorted,
until each man turns blind.

If clouds were ivory gold,
and mud graced green’s threshold.
If grass were charred to black-
What is it that our lives would lack?

If lilac and beige were carrots,
and burgundy, the rabbits.
If red was calm, and yellow, cross.
If silver was a pauper’s pot-
Would the nobility still be haute?

If a King lived in a palace brown-
Would it disgrace the crown?

We’ve set the cast and moulded it all,
chiseled away for a ball.

So would a chip, a melt, a remould hurt?
If I painted the sky pink, would I be too curt?

© achillesheelpoetry, 2022


10 thoughts on “Palaces Brown & Disgraced Crowns

  1. “…would a chip, a melt, a remould hurt?
    If I painted the sky pink, would I be too curt?” 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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  2. Fantastically penned, dear Ana!
    The poem might seem deceptively simple and lucid owing to the structure and vocabulary, but the message conveyed truly penetrates the depth of one’s core.
    Keep writing and keep shining. ✨

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    1. Ma’am, I can’t thank you enough for always going through my poems in such detail and commenting.
      Your constant support and appreciation is really valuable to me.

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  3. WOW ANA!! when I read the poem it was beautiful how I could visualize this absurdly beautiful image you painted and the ending was the show stopper, it definitely wont be too curt (: Beautifully penned

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    1. Wow, Fariha, this comment means a lot to me, truly.
      I’m so glad the poem touched someone, and moreover an artist as fine as you; and that I was able to convey the message.
      I know, you, of all people, will join me in painting the sky pink! 🦄
      Much Love

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      1. The pleasure is truly mine and definitely I think there is nothing that beats sweet company especially for doing something as awesome and as crazy as painting the sky pink ❤️

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