If I Had A Magic Wand

For of all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these: ‘It might have been!’

John Greenleaf Whittier

If I had a magic wand,
I’d bippity boppity boo!
And of my happiness, be the lord.

You work and slog,
all day, all night,
sans any respite.
How could a weekend ever suffice
for you to ice the bruises
from five days of working 9-5!

With stress, these shoulders slump, seldom are they proud and high.

Like a rat, you need to squeeze,
squeeze in although you wheeze.

Steadfast, incessantly,
keep running and running.
No matter how fast your heart beats.

I can’t assure you ‘proud and high’,
but while you’re at it – the rat race –
to your opponents bid a good goodbye.

Try, try, try…

Will there ever be enough time to relax and recoup?
Or will I just have to spend a retirement of rues?
The circle of life,
watching others succumb to the delusional corporate ruse.

Some Sunday, in Neverland,
I’ll sit down, no plan.
And perhaps then, the child in me will understand
how the menace of the years can make one sad.
And I hope I’ll be forgiven,
for I’ve now learnt that gifts lie in
intangible memories and emotions,
not gold for us to be riven.

Is a lesson learnt too late, well, a lesson at all?
Will a key, lost and found, unlock the door for sure?
Is looking in, a glance or a stare?
To seek happiness, need you dare?
For broken souls, is there any repair?

I’ve learnt the lesson and looked well inside.
Where is this key to happiness?
How are my woes to be put aside?

The child in me,
he begs, he pleads.

What am I to make of life?
When all these years, a magnificent spectacle I beheld-
Waiting four decades to smile.

The notion, I had it all wrong;
Run and run and run!
Chase it with blood, sweat and tears.

But what does it matter if the inner self isn’t worthwhile!

Save the eight figures under lock and key,
that I don’t even have the time to see!

If I had a magic wand…
but then that’s like saying-
If Scrooge had not a sin to his name,
Oh, life, it’d be such a merry game!

© achillesheelpoetry, 2022

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