Words to Woes

This woe is not unique to you alone.
Every man, in his heart, the feeling of grief, has borne.

The wind tells no lies.
It touches the face and opens the eyes.
It will get worse before it gets better, but in no time, you shall again, smile.

To all this, you must pay no heed.
There lie better days ahead,
when you shall once again hold up high,
your head
And not cry yourself to sleep.

There is no malice in reality,
and reality is incomplete without malice.
There are no evil fates nor are there lucky dates.
This is not the end, my friend.
To this emotion, you shall not bend.

A single candle, too, shall suffice.
Your bruises will soon be iced.

Misery is but a six letter word,
But if you have hopes and dreams still- you have the world.

They say calm before the storm,
but they never tell you about the one after it all.
It’s gone now, the wind to the east.
It’s here now, felice.
Be at peace, be at peace…

© achillesheelpoetry, 2022

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