You sob and blame the stars,
not once seeing the wonder you are.
You wish galaxies asunder,
just because your own self you believe to be a blunder.

Mirrors don’t evince the heart,
nor a scar undiscern the mind in any part.
So not having those 26 inches doesn’t mean you missed the mark!

My words, don’t trust.
Sob, if you must.
But never forget the wonder you are.

For the stars beam and burn,
and a rose has thorns that hurt.
The world loves them anyway.
Remember, you’re a precious gem in every single way.

The next time for a flaw you’re stopt,
tell them that the soul can’t be synopsised by how much it ‘bores’,
when so many years have gone into the making of all that it has borne.

© achillesheelpoetry, 2022

6 thoughts on “Wonder

  1. My poems generally revolve around emotionally intactile subjects, and it’s very seldom that I do pieces on modern-day conventional themes.

    ‘Wonder’ is one of them. My attempt at taking a teen-centric topic, one on which much has been said and done, and make it seem like something that has been around since time immemorial; its tangible intangiblity (body image) has been coupled with archaic references, as to not take the literary beauty away with jargon.


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