Most Blues are to be Rued

Today, I might rue;
but tomorrow, I’ll be less blue.

What happens, what happens when a broken heart speaks?
Speaks, screams and weeps-

When you simply don’t want to, can’t let go just yet,
when you lay for hours together, in bed.

You wanna feel the billion perfect things that you felt a month back,
but you can’t, because you can’t tread that track!

You just cannot get him back.

And in that moment, as you lay,
you feel so numb.
“How could I not see this coming!”, she felt so dumb.

But people are not yours to keep,
weep a little,
but your memory shan’t sweep.

There’s little that you can say and do;
Only so many things for you to rue.

So you sit yourself down,
look all around,
and etch your blues in blue,
with a feeble voice in your mind that says,
“Today, I might rue;
but tomorrow, I’ll be less blue.”

But at the same time your heart prays-
I wish I could come back to you.
I wish I could come back to you…

There are not many lies that can be told.
Only a few secrets that your heart of fifteen can hold;
only so much beauty and terror that those eyes can behold.

You’ll feel weak, numb and broken a little longer,
until you learn to get stronger.
You convince yourself that it is fine,
but your soul knows that that’s a lie.

And it’s in that moment you know-
Scars are not a thing to be shown;
tears are mere poison that glow.

Could an apology in time have saved this heart o’ mine!

Oh, tears and eyes, how they gleam and shine;
while your soul is shattered for the very first time!

© achillesheelpoetry, 2022

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