International Day of Persons with Disabilities

I, too, need to be fed.
I, too, need a bed to rest.
I, too, want people to pay heed;
And not just be labelled a person with ‘special’ needs.

Maybe there are some things I can’t do.
But look beyond that;
On the inside, I’m just like you.

When you are kind and empathise-
A little bit of it goes away.
I can see and hear and talk better and feel my legs again!

I could’ve been you and you could’ve been me,
but in our own ways we stand tall.
This is what God teaches us and how he has made us all.

This International Day of Persons with Disabilities:
Let them join life’s lovely dance.
Let them have an equal chance.


Everybody loves a bad mirror.
It shows them the things they are not.

It shows beauty in the beast.
The crude, so suave.

It shows the unfaithful in duty,
while the soldiers all laugh.

It makes the vile just;
and the just are abhorred.

It makes the good a demon.
And a demon- an angel forevermore.

Every spy is a faithful servant;
and the melancholy all smile.

While the King, how he cries, believing all these lies.

© achillesheelpoetry, 2021